School Uniforms

Children are expected to wear the school uniform. Shaw Primary School colours are green, grey, and white, and the uniform is as follows:

  • White blouse, shirt, or polo shirt.
  • Grey or black skirt or trousers.
  • Green sweatshirt or fleece.
  • Black shoes with flat soles.

Uniform may be ordered from Sportsbug, 13 Bank Street, Melksham SN12 6LE Tel: 01225 700415 Sweatshirts, fleeces, polo shirts, and PE t-shirts have the school name and logo embroidered on them.

PE Kit

For PE lessons, all children will need the following:

  • Shorts.
  • White t-Shirt.
  • Daps, plimsolls, or pumps.
  • Swimming costume and towel will be required for year 2 and year 5 children.


The wearing of jewellery in school is discouraged for safety reasons. Earrings should only be studs. No bracelets or necklaces should be worn. Children will always be asked to remove any items of jewellery prior to a PE lesson and the school cannot be held responsible for the loss of any items.


Children with long hair will be asked to tie it back during PE lessons and for swimming. This is for safety reasons. Tramlines or shaved images in the hair is not permitted. Hair dyed or sprayed an unusual colour is also prohibited.