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Important Changes to our Home Learning Resources: Letter from Principal Simon White

24 April 2020

Dear parents and carers,

I am very excited to announce that the way in which we provide home learning resources for the children of Shaw Primary is changing and improving from next week.

TWHF staff have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to produce bespoke high quality learning resources for all the WHF schools.

Some example resources covering this week are already on the Shaw webpage via the Learning and Education tab and then Home learning Resources. Several schools have been trailing these resources this week and ironing out the glitches (like the need for extra server space!) So all will be ready for us next week.

I know some of you have welcomed being able to view resources ahead of using them with your children. This is still entirely possible as next week's resources will be uploaded to our website on Friday evening.

The timetable and activities are pretty self-explanatory and similar to what you are used to. They cover the full week of learning, so are not updated each day. For some year groups, you will notice that the children will be joining in on week 2 of a two-week series of lessons in English, based around a high-quality story. Don't panic! Just start with the children watching the story and then jump into the activities for week 1 or week 2 - it really won't matter! A fresh 2 week cycle will begin the following Monday.

I am sure that having all of the resources in one place and not having to search through emails will be hugely beneficial in keeping track of what your children should be doing.

The message remains the same. These resources are provided to help you in supporting your child. Everyone will have a different circumstances at home and you can only do what you can do. We have no illusion that everyone will be able to do everything!

For those of you who are finding that they need more or different resources then BBC and the new Oak National Academy have lots of alternatives and additional resources you could use.

Don't worry - you will still be receiving daily emails and weekly calls from the Shaw team just to check all is well. (and that the children are reading!). The daily emails may also have some alternative activities which the teacher may suggest. Please also remember that you can use emails and the calls to clarify and ask for guidance - it's what we are here for at the moment!

Finally, we are fully aware that there are pressures on IT equipment at home, with some families having to share equipment between several members. This is a national problem and one which we are not really able to solve.

However, for those times when your child can not use the computers, tablets or phones, then do make use of the hugely expanded BBC offerings which are available on the TV through the red button. Many homes have more than one TV, so this could be a solution to access for some. I have checked out the red button materials today and they are really good.

Stay in touch and stay safe,

Simon White

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